Sunday, April 1, 2012

Calvin Klein No-Show Socks

I was going without socks almost 90% of the time - but the odor, to be honest, was starting to get unbearable. Maintaining my shoes is also priority and besides the foot odor, perspiration/moisture was taking a toll on the leather inside.  These Calvin Klein No-Show Socks were the answer to my problem.  I love the beige, grey, and black 3-pack.  


  1. I looked into some sort of sock like this also. The CK's, I think work well. I was also going without socks most of the time.

    Even changing out through several pairs of leather shoes, the deteration starts to catch up when not wearing socks.

    I really started thinking about wearing the socks last summer. A lady was helping me find a matching pant to go along with a sport coat. The store also sold shoes. She remarked about how the insides of my leather shoes are getting ruined by full on direct skin contact by not wearing a liner style sock.

    1. I know what you mean. I feel funny wearing socks - so these no-shows were the perfect solution. My shoes were also starting to deteriorate.

  2. Yes, I was looking for this type of sock by CK last August. I think they work well. I rather not wear a sock as well and still don't at times. The odor was starting to take over my closet shoe rack.