Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gant Cable Sweater in Pink


  1. Lol what the fuck's that shite

  2. love your blog and your style. questions: what size leg opening are most of your trousers? i noticed you seem to like the jcrew 484s for chinos and cords. do you have those tapered any at the leg opening or do you wear them as they come? also, what about your jeans? what size leg opening on those? sorry for all the questions but i really like the fit of all of your pants

    1. Thank you for your comment. Most of my trousers have a width of 7"-7 1/4" at the hem - if you measure only one side. The reason why I own so many pairs of 484's is because I don't need to taper them. And with my height/waist - I wear 31/30. I do, occasionally, buy "urban slim fit" at J.Crew because it's usually a color/pattern that's not available in the 484 style. That's when I have the legs taken in by my tailor. I have been going to the same tailor in Los Angeles for 10 years. By now, he knows exactly the width and inseam that I need without measuring on my body.