Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Burberry Prorsum Men's Fall/Winter 2014

My favorite looks from Burberry Prorsum Men's Fall/Winter 2014.


  1. love the blog and been following for awhile. how do you like your hermes tgm watch? i saw on your holiday wishlist that you had a cartier tank you not like the hermes? simply asking b/c I'm looking to purchase one myself. thanks for the info ;)

    1. Thank you! I love my TGM - it's the perfect size for me and I have gotten so many compliments. I never wore a watch before and always thought of them as cumbersome on the wrist. But it is very comfortable and I actually feel naked if I don't have it on. I'm ready for a new watch - which would explain the Cartier Tank MC on my list but I have been going back & forth on that - the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso and the Hermes Arceau TGM Chrono Automatic. All are about the same price but now I'm gravitating towards the latter.

  2. Thanks. If you do want to maybe sell the TGM, give me your email address so we can discuss.